lady super heroes are awesome and addictive.


Over the years, my parts collection grew (for making new customs) as my skill improved and my pace quickened. It was addictive to think, “oh, how would this character look as a custom Mego action figure? How would that one?”

By 2001, I was also drawing comics a lot as well, having decided to give it my all. The more serious I became about comics, the less time I had for customizing for fun. I knew when I began planning my Legion customs that I had gone too far. I got 5 deep when I pulled the plug. The Legion customs were the last I did for fun, and the first I sold to purge (up til then, I had sold my “first drafts” only and kept my better second drafts). As you know, the Legion by 1985 even had over 30 members…

I continued customizing until 2003, primarily for the income. Fans were willing to spend money on them, I wasn’t bad at customizing, and it was more lucrative to make a custom of my spare parts than it was to sell off the raw parts. But as comics really kicked into high gear in 2004, the customizing ceased.

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